Bernt Christian Grotberg was born September 25, 1863 in Toten, Norway. The Norwegian press had glowing accounts of America and a desire for adventure caused him to emigrate, leaving his homeland August 18, 1884.

His first job was in a flour mill at Decatur, Illinois. That was of short duration for his friend Pete Faukald urged him to go westward to Valley City, where he could find employment at the Russell Miller Milling Company. He arrived here in 1884 and continued his work at the mill until he acquired his homestead.

Bernt Grotberg married Anna Sunde May 25, 1889. She had emigrated from Stavanger, Norway in the spring of 1887, arriving in Valley City to join her brother Ole Sunde. The homestead was located in Barnes County. An instrument Copy of the transaction describes it thus: "The West Half of the Southeast Quarter and the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of Section Four, in Noltimier Township was filed for Record February 8, 1901 at 10:26 o'clock". This became the home of the Grotberg family and is now owned by Clifford Grotberg.

With walking plow and two horses Bernt broke the virgin prairie of this quarter section of land, and later three additional quarters.

The family consisted of Edward, Alice (Mrs. Fred Anderson), Clara (Mrs. L. W. Hamm), Bernard, Joseph, Gertrude and Lydia. A tragic accident of fire took the life of the mother, Anna, on September 5, 1908.

Thereafter, Bernt married Inga Swenson, who had also emigrated from Stavanger, Norway. To this union was born Clifford, Harold and Ida (Mrs. W. G. Cruff).

Bernt continued farming until the time of his death June 18, 1937. Inga Grotberg Ambuehl passed away August 17, 1973.

Source: Barnes County History 1976 Page 85

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