Gottlieb Lettenmaier, born November 1 , 1873, married Alice Zimmerman at Waconia, Minnesota, September 24, 1896. They came with their infant daughter, Alice, to Sanborn, North Dakota, March 1898 and bought a farm in Heman Township, Section 4. In 1901 a new home was built which has housed Lettenmaier families ever since.

Seven children were born to this couple: Alice married to Hans Alme, 1918; George living in Oregon; Theodore married Clara Johnson and took over the family farm in 1925 when his mother moved to Sanborn; Andrew married Lillian Wolski and moved to Oregon; Alma married Eldon Hesch and moved to Oregon in 1936; Lorena married Norbert Hesch and moved to Oregon City, Oregon in 1936, the year of the drought and Theodore, who took over farming operations in 1925. He was killed in a plane crash east of Valley City October 12, 1925. His widow continued to operate the farm with the help of her sons, Calvin and Darrel. She sold the farm to Kent Lettenmaier, who is farming it-at the present time, 1975. Gottlieb Lettenmaier was injured in a farm accident and died September 19, 1909. His widow continued to operate the farm with hired help and the help of her children until the sons could take over.

Source: Barnes County History 1976 Page 141

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