Philip Roy Engstrom, born on the Erickson farm in Glenfield, North Dakota.  He married Charlotte Marie Hahn, born in Enderlin , North Dakota, on December 30, 1945, at St. Peters Lutheran Church, south of Chaffee, North Dakota.

They had two children: Paul John Engstrom, born October 13, 1949, married Margaret (Peggy) Teeple, Eugene, Oregon, at Central Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon, August 25, 1979. They now live at Huntington Beach, California David Philip Engstrom, born June 15, 1953, married Carol Ann Inwards, of Tacoma, Washington, at Eatonville Baptist Church, Eatonville, Washington.  They have three children: Christina Vivian, born October 19, 1978; Jennifer Ann, born March 1, 1981; and David Philip, Jr., born April 4, 1987. They live in Tacoma, Washington.

Philip's father, David, was born December 30, 1883, in Anatorp, Sweden. He was married April 26, 1913, at McHenry in Foster County, North Dakota.  He died January 24, 1926, in Fargo, North Dakota, and is buried at Glenfield Cemetery. Philip's mother, Olga Mabel Erickson, was born March 5, 1895, at Moorhead, Minnesota. She died September 25, 1967, in Fargo, North Dakota, and is buried at Glenfield Cemetery. Her second marriage was to Harold Larson Aspabakken (Norwegian name) at Carrington, North Dakota.  Harold Larson was born July 6, 1893, Bergen, Norway. He died January 29, 1986, in Fargo, North Dakota, and is buried in Glenfield Cemetery.

Charlotte's father, John Gottlieb Hahn, was born September 28, 1891, at Rib Falls, Wisconsin, Marathaon County. He was married January 1913, in Winnipeg, Canada. He died February 23, 1945, and is buried in Watson Cemetery, four miles south of Chaffee, North Dakota.

Charlotte's mother, Mabel Bertha Schoessow, was born October 22, 1894, at Chaffee, North Dakota.  She died January 7, 1955, and is buried in Watson Cemetery. Mabel's father, Fred Schoessow, Sr., immigrated to the United States in 1869, from Alsace, Lorraine Germany at 17 years of age, earning his passage by being employed by the boat captain. He was a naturalized citizen who could read, write and speak the English language as well as the German. He settled in Wausau, Wisconsin He moved from Wausau in 1,890, to North Dakota and homesteaded three miles south and two miles west of Chaffee. Fred/Fredrick and Marie Schoessow were one of the three original founder organizers of St. Peters Evangelical German Lutheran Church, now American Lutheran Church, where Philip and Charlotte were married December 30, 1945. John's father, John Hahn, Sr., immigrated to the U. S. in 1857, at four years of age. John, Sr.'s wife, Pauline, born February 26, 1862, immigrated in 1865. Both are buried in St. Johannes Cemetery, Embden, North Dakota.  Both came from Germany.

This saga began when Paul and David Engstrom immigrated from Sweden in 1902, and settled in Glenfield. Their brother, Haakan, preceded them by a year settling in McHenry, North Dakota.

Paul was the first grain buyer in Glenfield in 1912, when the railroad came through. Born January 25, 1882, he died in 1937, at St. Johns Hospital of cancer at age 55.

Dave worked as a farm laborer on the Carl Erickson farm where he met and married Olga. Dave later worked on the section crew then went to work in the Peavey Elevator where he eventually injured himself and died of blood poisoning at St. Johns Hospital in 1926, at age 42.

Philip Engstrom: After graduating from Glenfield High School in 1938, worked as a carpenters helper on Harold Larson's carpenter gang for several years, repairing barns and other farm buildings for an insurance company.

In December 1940, he joined the National Guard at Carrington, North Dakota.  He spent almost three years in the Army during World War II, and was honorably discharged in September 1943. Having served in Company F of the 164th Infantry Regiment, which was from North Dakota and was a part of the American Division in the Southwest Pacific, was wounded on Guadalcanal and hospitalized for 11 months at various hospitals and was discharged from Kennedy General Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, September 23, 1943. He received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Upon his return home the whole town showed their appreciation by giving him a very special welcome. He worked about three months in the Seattle-Tacoma Ship Yards as a coppersmith's helper. Not liking the big city and all the noise, he came back and started working at the Fargo Post Office as a clerk on June 19, 1944. Employed there for 31 years, he retired in February 1975. He commented he has enjoyed all three occupations and wouldn't mind "doing them all over again." He has met a lot of good men in all three jobs and has made many lasting friendships.

He is proud to say he was born on his Grandpa Carl Erickson's farm four miles southwest of Glenfield on July 5, 1920, the fifth child of David and Olga.

Charlotte Marie Hahn Engstrom was born August 10, 1920, in Enderlin, North Dakota.  Her home was on a farm located 5 ½ miles south of Embden, North Dakota.  She attended Interstate Business College and New York Hairdressing Academy from which she graduated in 1943. She was employed at deLendrecies Beauty Studio for six years, married Philip December 30, 1945, at St. Peters Lutheran Church.

After taking 10 years off from the hairdressing business to raise Paul and Dave, she went back to work with her sister, Audrey, later buying her share and managing the salon herself. In 1980, she opened another salon at home where it presently is. It is called the "Petite Beauty Salon." It is a busy, active salon and the clientele, congenial and appreciated. Of all the offices held, church activities have first priority.

At present, two-year term on the North-Minnesota Bible Retreat board, bible study leader, Stephens Ministry and Altar Guild. Served as director in 1979-80, former Sunday School teacher, State President of, North Dakota Hairdressers Assoc., two terms 1979-80, State Convention Chairman North Dakota Hairdressers Assoc., two years, 1982-83, and presently is 1987 Co-Chairman. For 1984-86 biennium served as Governor of North Central Region of Soroptimist International, a business and professional women’s service club. These are some of the most important.

She and her brothers and sisters grew up and lived in the Chaffee farming community and were educated in the rural public school system. All were confirmed members of St. Peters Lutheran Church. Their grandfather and grandmother Schoessow helped organize and build it. Grandpa built the altar, pulpit and baptismal font and did all the decorative carving. The baptismal font is now at home at Bonanzaville, West Fargo. A new church replaced the original one in 1967. This congregation celebrated their 100th anniversary June 28, 1987.

Her father, John Hahn, established the Hahn Seed Co., in 1916, growing, kiln drying, sacking and marketing the seed. He sold to local farmers and surrounding areas, Lisbon, Engerlin, Buffalo, Alice, Ayr, Hope and all the professional seed houses in Fargo, Goldberg Seed House, Magill Seed Co., Interstate Seed & Feed Co., and the Grimm Alfalfa Co. His comment "that extra work is what got us through the depression."

Paul John Engstrom was baptized at Peace Lutheran Church, Fargo and named after Paul Engstrom, one of his fathers favorite uncles and my father. Confirmed at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, our church home, by Pastor Sanford Sorgen and Pastor Elwood Rieke.

He attended school in the Moorhead Public Schools, graduating in 1967, with honors. In 1971, he graduated Cum Laude from Concordia College, a chemistry major, biology minor student. He took post-grad work at the University of Oregon, at Eugene, Oregon, graduating in 1975. There he studied languages German and Swedish. Worked part-time at the University for a few years and came back to North Dakota where he attended the North Dakota University of Pharmacy School graduating May 23, 1981. He interned at the Tiffany Drug Co., for 1500 hours, his goal being Registered Pharmacist.

He moved back to North Dakota in 1983, to begin work at the Rexall Drug Co., in Park River, North Dakota.  In 1984, moved to Bismarck and Osco Drug Co. In May 1986, went to Huntington Beach, California, intending to work as a substitute pharmacist for Osco Drug, instead was fortunate to find a permanent location. Through high school and college years his main extracurricular activity was music. Although a member of the high school orchestra he was recruited to play bass fiddle in the band, also substituting as church organist during Lent (pipe organ). During his junior and senior years at Moorhead high, played with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony under the direction of Sigvald Thompson. He received a "letter" in music from Moorhead High School. On August 25, 1979, married Margaret (Peggy) Teeple at Central Lutheran Church at Eugene, Oregon He met Peggy while both were students and resident assistants at the University of Oregon.

Peggy is an office manager for a computer company in Huntington Beach and is now beginning her own computer business. They are now in the process of purchasing a house.

Dave Philip Engstrom was born June 15, 1953, at St. Johns Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota.  Baptized at St. Johns Lutheran Church, Fargo, North Dakota, named after his grandfather and father. Arthur and Gladys Engstrom were his Godparents. He was also confirmed by Pastor Sorgen and Pastor Rieke.

Dave attended Moorhead public schools graduating from high school June 1, 1972.

Dave's interests were more along the mechanical line and while a student in his junior year, built and raced his very own stock car at the Fargo Fair Grounds.

On January 18, 1973, enlisted in the United States Army, with his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and May 25, 1973, sent to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, graduating on July 13, 1973, with orders to report to Fort Lewis, Washington, on July 30, 1973. Honorably discharged in 1975. He spent three full years with Uncle Sam. He received Excellent Rifleman Award.

Dave married Carol Ann Inwards February 14, 1976, and returned home to Moorhead where he enrolled in the Moorhead Vocational Technical Institute in Auto Mechanics. After two years he graduated with honors and returned to Tacoma, Washington There he was employed in the Tacoma Cadillac Garage. In 1987, he decided to change his profession so attended the Seattle Police Academy. The training is 11 weeks of intensive study. A knowledge of the laws and quick thinking are necessary requisites. He graduated May 15, 1987, a full fledged police officer, employed by the City of Tacoma, Washington.  Attending his impressive graduation were Carol and parents, Dave's parents and his children Christina, 8 ½; Jennifer, 6 ½; and David Philip, Jr., six weeks.

In memoriam to Olga Erickson Engstrom Larson, mother of Philip R. Engstrom: Phil has always been proud of the fact that he came from a small town such as Glenfield, and has always been a good public relations man for the town, telling people whomever and wherever he met them about happenings in Glenfield and especially about the good old friends such as Joe Novak, John Olson, Ed and John Ryum, Charlie and Albert Alley, Bill Alley, Lottie Posey, Martin Torgerson, C. W. Smith, George and Vern Overbeck, Ed Watne, Barney Hawkes, George Glassner and the "River Rats" and many

others who will always be remembered by him. Oh, what memories, until he too, will be a memory. Glenfield will live on because of people like these.

Source:  Glenfield History 1886 – 1987 Page 160


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