Charles C. Marson was born at Derby, England, January 11, 1841.  Sarah Halford was born at Walton-on the Wolds, Leicestershire, England, July 7, 1842.  They were married April 10, 1864.  Ten children were born to this union.  Nine were born in England and one in America.  Two died in infancy.

They lived in a town in England named Quorn in a thatched house.  They were in a small business and also owned a few houses, which they sold and decided to go to America.  They came across the Atlantic Ocean in two weeks in a sailboat called BRITISH KING.  They left England May 22, 1889.  They arrived in Philadelphia June 5, 1889, and at Cooperstown, North Dakota June 13, 1889.

They lived for one year four miles north of Cooperstown on the northeast quarter of Section 1.  While living there, the tenth child was born.  But they found out they could not buy that piece of land, so they decided to move south of town where they bought the east 1/2 of Section 12, Ball Hill Township, from a man whose name was Montgomery.

They had some hard years in America at that time because of adverse weather such as drought and hail storms.  One year their crops blew out because of high winds and dry weather.  They lost some from prairie fire.  The winter of 1896 was severe with lots of snow and blizzards.

In 1904 they built the big brick house, which still stands.

Their children were: 

  1. Mrs. W. F. (Fannie) Thompson, Hannaford, North Dakota
  2. Mrs. Harry (Polly) Spencer, Bucyrus, North Dakota
  3. David H. Marson, Los Angeles, California
  4. George W. Marson, Cooperstown, North Dakota
  5. Mrs. Ira (Lilly) Shroyer, New Rockford, North Dakota
  6. Algernon L. Marson, Richmond, California
  7. Mrs. Lee (Leone) Violett, Lothair, Montana
  8. Samuel R. Marson, Cooperstown, North Dakota

These have all passed away now.  Charles C. Marson passed away April 27, 1933.  Sarah Marson passed away October 19, 1919.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976  page 204


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