Ole Uleteig came to America from Lesja, Norway on May 18, 1911 to his Uncle Iver Udgaard, who was then living on his farm in Lenora Township.

Miss Newfert, a teacher, in the Simonson school was boarding at the Udgaards, and she tutored Ole and a couple other men there in the American language and it took Ole no time to learn to read and write it, and he spoke it fluently.

He was a hard working man.  He went to the woods down near Bemidji, Minnesota and worked in the winter when work was slack on the farm.  He went to Nashua, Montana, and filed on land and built himself a shack there.  He had to live on it for some months to claim it.  He got around on skis which he was use to from Norway.

He worked for his uncle on his farm in Romness Township, in 1918 he farmed 1/2 Section of his uncle's land, and had the house built there, which is the Helen Udgaard farm now.  He worked hard there planting trees and beautifying the place.

He married Matilde Dolva in December 1918.  They moved into the new house the spring of 1919.  They had lived down at the Udgaard farm until the house was ready.

I had known Ole since 1912 when I came to work for Udgaards, but our life together was not long as bieght's disease took him in 1925.  He passed away May 18, 1925.

I married again and lived on a farm south of Eckelson and we moved to Valley City in 1947.  I'm alone and retired and celebrated my 85th birthday May 18, 1975.  I'm so glad to be enjoying good health.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 410


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