Andrew Brosten was born in Norway in 1863 and came to America in 1881.  He was employed in Illinois and Iowa before coming to Dakota Territory in 1883.  He purchased the NE quarter of Section 23 in Sverdrup Township in 1885 and also worked for area farmers.  In the fall of 1891 he returned to Norway for a visit, coming back to this area in the spring of 1892 with a number of people from his homeland.  He was married in the fall of 1892 to Olava Helgeland.  They made their home on Section 17 in Sverdrup Township on land previously owned by his brother, Richard.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brosten were the parents of six children, five girls and one boy.  One girl, Ethel, died as a young girl.  Ragna, Elisa, Olga and Rebecca grew up on the farm as well as their brother, Edwin.  The Brosten family moved to the state of Oregon in 1936.  Mr. Brosten passed away there in 1941, Mrs. Brosten in 1946.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 425


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