The Saron Church had its beginning on March 7, 1895 when the need for a church home for their growing families was realized.  The name chosen was Sarons Frimenighed, which was later changed to Saron Evangelical Free Church.  Twenty-two members were received into this fellowship.  The first pastor to serve this congregation was S. M. Andrewson.  The present pastor is Keith McNeil.

Missionaries who have gone out from this church are

Wilhelm Vatne to China, Bertha Klubben to Kentucky Mountains and Ethel Josephson to So.  America.

Several are serving churches in our own country,

Kenneth and Melvin Loge, Bruce Stokka, Albert Taxdahl and Walter Lindgren.  Others who have served are:  

Henry Rood, retired and the late Krag and Swen Wuflestad and L. R. Lunde.

The church has been re-modeled and an entry was added.

The seventy-fifth anniversary was celebrated in May 1970.  The first officers were: 

Chairman, Peter Wuflestad

 Section Karl Lende

 Treasurer Lars Johnson


Lars Johnson, Arne Luckasen and Swen Loge


Tonnes Vatne, Martin Lunde and Peter Wuflestad.

The members and friends of the Saron Free Church under the leadership of their pastor, REVEREND  LUDVIG R. LUNDE, were burdened to share the good news of the gospel with others whom they were not reaching through their church services.  Having experienced the saving power of the gospel in their midst they wanted to share this gospel with others.

The first Bible Camp service was held June 21, 1925.  The tabernacle was built in 1929 where services are held during the Camp season.  The first two cabins were built in 1927 and more later.

There was a growing need for facilities to house and feed persons other than the song leaders and speakers.  A nearby schoolhouse was dismantled and built called "The Inn."  In 1938 the basement was dug and foundation built for the Pioneer Building.  The first floor was laid and covered and the basement rooms were used for Daily Vacation Bible School.

In the spring of 1939 the two stories were built, providing additional sleeping rooms, and office space.  In 1963 the present dining hall was built.  This building is insulated and heat provided so it is used for fall and winter retreats.  From the beginning the Bible Camp was managed and operated by the Saron Free Church.  However with the yearly growth of the Camp it was felt it would be better to get more churches and more people involved in the Bible Camp work, so in 1956 the Cooperstown Bible Camp Association was incorporated under the laws of North Dakota.

The fiftieth anniversary of the Camp was celebrated July 2-6, 1975 with special speakers and singers coming to take part.  The theme for that week was, "To God be the Glory, Great Things He Hath Done.  -

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 421


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