Pastor I. L. Lundeby was a mission pastor sent out by the Norwegian and Danish Conference of North America.  His mission field extended from Lisbon, along the Sheyenne River and way up to Devils Lake.  At that time there were two small congregations organized in the area.  They were called Haabet (Hope) and Wheatland.  Later it was decided to organize these two small congregations into one, so therefore on November 2, 1884, these two congregations merged and thus came into being Union Lutheran Congregation.  Pastor Lundeby was the first pastor called, and he was required to give at least six Sunday and holiday services and six everyday services during the year at a salary of $90.  Nels Hemmingson gave land for a cemetery but was given it back later before there were any graves, and land on the Albin Forsberg farm was chosen for both church and cemetery and it still stands there today.

In 1924, Union, Eidfjord, St. Olaf and Hannaford became a parish.  Before that, it was Union, Ness and Lund as a parish.  On February 1, 1959, Hannaford Congregation was granted a release from the Hannaford Parish.  This resulted in the formation of the Trinity Parish of Union, St. Olaf and Eidfjord which are still a parish as of now.  Union Church Cemetery has recently been incorporated.

Pastors who have served Union are

I. L. Lundeby

O. K. Quamme

Henrik Voldal

N. J. Vikingstad

Sigrud Olson

J. M. Haaland

E. C. Tollefson

E. O. Stepson

E. O. Lee

Lewis Bakke

Roy Gilbertson

E.L. Bersagel

Alexander Thompson

Soren S. Urberg

Milton Olson

L.A. Staveness

Arvild Jacobson

John Baxter

David Fretham

Pastors Galen and Helen Kuhens, and

Pastors Bob and Mary Albing who are presently serving Trinity.

Union celebrated its 100th anniversary with a two-day celebration June 16-17, 1984, with several former pastors present.  The church is still active with ELC Women’s Aid, Family League and Sunday School.

Our present officers are:

Trustees Ralph Haugen, Maynard Haugen and Gilbert Haugen

Deacons are Oscar Stockeland, Donald Stockeland and Mrs. Eldren Haugen

Secretary Mark Haugen

Treasurer Mrs. Leland Harvey

Financial Secretary Howard Larson

Organists Mrs. Leland Harvey, Marla Haugen and Mrs. Oscar Stockeland

Sextons are Howard Larson, Jim Stockeland and Maynard Haugen

Union Aid officers are

President Mrs. Orville Kalvik

Vice President Mrs. Leland Harvey

Secretary Mrs. Elverne Haugen, and

Treasurer Ruth Lunn.

Family League officers are

President Ralph Haugen,

Vice President Donald Stockeland

Secretary Mrs. Orville Kalvik, and

Treasurer Mrs. Leland Harvey.

A former pastor, Soren S. Urberg wrote the following poem and it is very fitting at the close of our history on the centennial year.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 68


Old Union Church stands straight and white

Through a hundred years a beacon light,

Bringing the word, fighting the fight,

Calling to faith by Spirits might.


Out in the yard lie dear remains

of those who knew of toil and pains,

Who in His blood have lost their stains,

and now in heaven sing glad refrains.


With thanks and praise we bless thy name,

Thy love and mercy still the same,

So we may also one day claim

Eternal life in Jesus' name.


We ask, O Lord, that Thou wouldst bless

This Church in days of Joy and stress. 

If future years be more or less,

Let us tell of they righteousness.

Submitted by Mrs. Oscar Stockeland

Mrs. Gilbert Haugen

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 69


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