Rasmus K. Valentine was born in Taasinge, Denmark, on September 2, 1878. His parents were Knud Valentine and Anna (Mortenson) Valentine.

Marie Nielson Valentine was born at Taasinge, Denmark, on November 2, 1875. Her parents were Mikkel Nielson and Maren (Lund) Nielson.

Rasmus Valentine and his older brother, Anders, immigrated to the United States in 1897 and settled at Amboy, Minnesota, working on farms. In 1907 Rasmus returned to Denmark and married Marie Nielson on June 9, 1908, at Taasinge. In later winter of 1909 they came to Amboy, Minnesota, where they both worked for the Sorenson family. The same fall they rented a farm nearby and started farming. Three children were born to this union, Arnold, Inga and Niels.

In 1915 Rasmus and a brother-in-law, Simon Nielson, came to the Hope area and purchased land. At this time land was widely advertised for sale in eastern North Dakota, and none was available in Minnesota. In 1918 Rasmus moved his family to North Dakota. Machinery, cattle, horses and household goods were shipped to Blabon by railroad. A month later the railroad cars finally arrived. Rasmus, Marie and children drove to North Dakota from Amboy in a model T Ford. The journey took three days, as there were no marked highways except for red, green, blue, or yellow stripes painted on every telephone pole along the road as a guide. The roads at best were trails full of mud holes, ruts, and bumps winding around lakes, hills, and every small town. Sometimes the trail ended and you guessed the route until you found the marked telephone poles again. One night was spent at Ortonville, Minnesota, with a family for whom Rasmus had worked and the second night was at a hotel in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, which was overrun with mice and bedbugs. Only one bed was available, so the children had to sleep on the floor, keeping one eye open for mice.

Rasmus and Marie lived on the farm they had bought in Riverside Township until they retired in 1948. They then moved into Hope, living in the home that is now owned by Mrs. Dorothy Moore. They were members of the Blabon Lutheran Church for over 30 years. They hauled grain to Blabon with horses and wagons where they also bought necessities. The children attended the rural Riverside No. 2 School, and Arnold and Inga attended Blabon. and Cooperstown for high school. They sold their farm to Herbert and Inga (daughter) Viele in 1949. Herbert and Inga have one son, Jon Viele, who took over the farming in 1978.

Marie passed away on October 5, 1950, at Fargo, and Rasmus passed away on May 6, 1962 at Mayville, North Dakota.

Arnold married Ruth Swanson and they had two sons, Marvin and his family live at Turlock, California, and James and his family live at Boron, California. Ruth passed away in March 1977. Arnold and his present wife Lucille, are living in Conrad, Montana.

Niels Valentine married Ossel Olson. (See their history).

Submitted by Inga Viele

Source: Hope Through the Century - Hope, North Dakota 1882-1982 Page 625

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