This book is available for purchase from:

Hedemarken Collectibles
P.O. Box 7399 - Northbrook Station
Bismarck, ND 58507-7399
(701) 258-5794

The ISBN number is 0‑9620968‑0‑6

The author may be contacted by email at

I apologize for any errors that my computer scanning and optical character recognition have introduced.

I encourage anyone with an interest in this subject to contact the author and purchase the book.  The book has additional photographs, postage stamp marks, etc., as well as being without my scanning errors.

I have changed the book format (fonts sizes, styles, etc.) for better internet readability.

I have also changed many abbreviations to the full words.  For example, I have changed pm to Postmaster.  This usually makes it much easier to read for anyone with English as a second language.

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