This rural community was begun about 1904 in Section 24-159-99, Rock Island Township as COTTONWOOD, but when the post office was established July 26, 1907 with Nellie E. Mellor Heen (1864-1951) as Postmaster, it was moved one mile west to Section 23-159-99 and renamed COTTONWOOD LAKE, on whose east end it was now located. A small village began to develop, but a fire in 1911 destroyed most of the buildings. In 1917 it was moved one mile west to the new Great Northern Railroad townsite of ALAMO, which is Spanish for cottonwood. The post office moved to ALAMO, taking that name, on April 16, 1917.(2, 3, 18, 40, 50, 53)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 41

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