This townsite was founded in 1880 by Joseph L. Colton (1840-1896). His wife, Diana Robinson, was from Lisbon Center, New York, which was named for Lisbon, Portugal, whose ancient name was Olisipo. The new townsite was platted on both sides of the Sheyenne River in Sections 1, 2, 11 & 12-134-56, Island Park Township. The post office was established January 23, 1880 with Mr. Colton as Postmaster, and his brother-in-law, George Murray, as the first mail carrier. LISBON became the county seat in 1881, and the Northern Pacific Railroad reached the site in 1882. It incorporated as a city in 1883 with G. B. Green mayor. Mr. Green defeated Mr. Colton for this honor, after which Mr. Colton moved to Ward County and founded the new townsite of Burlington. The elevation is 1112, the Zip Code is 58054, and the peak population of 2,286 was reached in 1980 as the city has maintained a steady growth since its founding. The North Dakota Soldiers Home was built here in 1891.(1, 2, 3, 5, 18, 25, 33, 40, 52, 77, 79, 100, 201, 202)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 114

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