This Milwaukee Road Railroad townsite was founded in the fall of 1907 in the south half of section 30-133-105, Hughes Township and named for MARgaret MARTHa Fitch, the granddaughter of the railroad's President, Albert J. Earling. Her father, Harry Fitch, was an official of the railroad as well, and was fond of naming new townsites for members of his family. The NEVA post office moved here on February 29, 1908, taking the name MARMARTH with Neva M. Woods continuing as Postmaster. It incorporated as a village in 1909, and became a city in 1915, the same year it lost the county seat election to Amidon. It reached a peak population of 1,318 in 1920, but declined rapidly after 1922 when the railroad shop was closed following a bitter labor strike, reporting a population of just 190 in 1980. The elevation is 2707, and the Zip Code is 58643. Since July 31, 1974 the post office has been a community post office affiliated with Dickinson. Eugene "Bus" Leary, a Bismarck grocer and onetime mayor of the capital city, was born here in 1916.(1, 2, 3, 18, 33, 40, 52, 79, 82, 253)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 122

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