This townsite was founded in 1883 in Sections 26 & 27-140-102, Medora Township on the Northern Pacific Railroad just east of the old settlement of Little Missouri. It was named for Medora von Hoffman, a wealthy New York heiress, by her husband, the Marquis de Mores. The name Medora is traced to an 1814 poem, The Corsair, by Lord Byron. The post office was established November 13, 1883 with Charles E. Haupt as Postmaster. The elevation is 2290, the Zip Code is 58645, a peak population of 210 was reached in 1930, and it is the county seat of Billings County. President Theodore Roosevelt lived in this area 1883-1886. In the late 1950's Bismarck businessman Harold Schafer began the restoration and promotion of this historic town, and it has become one of the leading tourist attractions in North Dakota.(1, 2, 3, 18, 25, 33, 40, 79, 81, 279, 294)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 126

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