This is a Great Northern Railroad townsite in the northeast quarter of section 19-160-63, Henderson Township named by townsite owner William Budge for Munich, Bavaria, Germany, a metropolis that emerged from obscurity in 1158 when King Henry the Lion selected the town as the site of the royal mint. The post office was established December 12, 1904 with Peter D. Walde as Postmaster. The elevation is 1601, the Zip Code is 58352, and the village, which incorporated in 1910, has shown a slow but steady growth, reaching a peak population of 288 in 1980. Quentin Northrop Burdick, a longtime United States Senator, was born here in 1908.(1, 2, 3, 5, 18, 33, 40, 79, 110, 253)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 134

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