This was a rural post office established September 3, 1907 with Neva M. Woods as Postmaster. She was a daughter of pioneer homesteader Joshua Hughes (1853-1928), the namesake of the township, and she was named for the Neva River in Russia, which flows from Lake Ladoga through Leningrad to the Bay of Cronstadt. Leningrad was then known as Saint Petersburg, and was the capital of Czarist Russia. The Postmaster married Frank Woods, who built a hotel in the southeast quarter of section 30-133-105, Hughes Township in anticipation of the Milwaukee Road Railroad. When the railroad arrived later in 1907, they built their station just to the west of the hotel, naming it MARMARTBE. The NEVA post office moved to MARMARTH on February 29, 1908, assuming the new name with Mrs. Woods continuing as Postmaster.(2, 3, 5, 40, 82)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 136

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