This was a rural post office established February 25, 1892 with Michael R. Farrell as Postmaster at his country store in Section 21-135-70, German Township thirteen miles east of Napoleon. It was named by local settlers from Richville, Michigan, which was named for the fine farmland in that area. It had been founded in 1851 by German Lutherans as Frankenhilf, but this name was unpopular with non-German residents due to difficulty with both the spelling and the pronunciation. Mr. Farrell was authorized to change the name to BELDEN on April 18, 1892, but no action was taken and the order was rescinded January 28, 1895. John Goehring was appointed as Postmaster of RICHVILLE on February 4, 1895, moving the facility to his home in the northeast quarter of section 22-136-70, six miles to the north. The post office closed April 2, 1906 with mail to Napoleon.(2, 3, 18, 39, 40, 46, 116)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 163

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