This Milwaukee Road Railroad station was founded in 1911 in the Northeast 1/4 Sec, 34-130-82. Several theories exist as to the origin of its name. Some say it is descriptive of the ridge of hills in the area. Others say it was named for a Milwaukee Road Railroad official. Another theory is that it was named for Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge, a United States Army pilot who is considered to be the first fatality in aviation history in 1908. Yet another theory is that it was named for Thomas Oliver Selfridge (1804-1902), or his son, Thomas Oliver Selfridge Jr. both famous officers in the United States Navy. The post office was established May 20, 1912 with Eben W. Philput as Postmaster. The village incorporated in 1919 with lumber dealer Fred Rott as board president, and it became a city in 1968 with Grant Krebs as mayor. The elevation is 2183, the Zip Code is 58568, and a peak population of 371 was reached in 1960.(1, 2, 3, 5, 33, 40, 79, 127, 368)

Source: North Dakota Place Names Page 175

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