My great grandfather, Simon Dahl, and many of his siblings first went to Otter Tail County in Minnesota.

These are some of their stories.

Memoirs was written by Mrs.  Oliver A. (Tilda or Ottelia) Rustad of Dalton, Minnesota.  She was my great-grandfather's neice.

Tilda Dahl also wrote the following separate story on the Dahl Brothers

Lest We Forget was written by Viola (Johnson) Behrends. Viola Johnson was my 3rd cousin.  Viola Johnson's mother had the maiden name Martha Skrove. Martha was the daughter of Sigurd and Olena Skrove. Martha was married to Bernie Johnson who was the brother of Henry Johnson. Olena Skrove's maiden name was Dahl and she was the daughter of Borre and Anne Dahl.  This letter was in a hand written school report form in a spiral bound notebook.  My uncle, Norman Dahl, gave me a photocopy of it in 1997.